S.W.O.N.T. Conductive Education - Program for children with Cerebral Palsy - Summer Camp
 "had to share... took Bubba to his physical therapy appointment this week, pulled up to the front of the hospital and took advantage of their valet parking so I could put Bubba in his walker instead of his chair. I was down on my knees for a good bit at first moving his feet along cause he was busy watching everyone walk by. Was even singing the walking song to him in his ear.. Im sure we were quite the sight. Then he started going on his own, his sister hit the button for the elevator and Bubba took off and walked right in on his own. His PT was so surprised to see us walk in. He did even better when we left. Friday he had an evaluation for OT and they were amazed at how he was now reaching with open fingers and grasping for toys presented to him and tested much higher than he did earlier in the year"  Bubba (Bobby Joe Howard, Sarnia Camp) 
"Strength in muscles. Able to take more steps with ladderback chair"   Ethan (RobinScott,Chatham) 
"Better listening we have noticed. More relaxed and overall much happier"    Keira (Connie Sauve,Chatham)
"He can sit and hold himself up better with some help.He even sat at the table on a ladderback chair for lunch"    Cooper (Val Duquette,Chatham)
"Longer standing,walking to less leg support not just arm weight bearing. More attention.Taking directions better"    Olivia(Ashley McIntosh,Sarnia)
"The change was amazing.  When we started in Sarnia he was using a walker. Now he is able to use quad canes independently. He also concentrates better and is not so distracted by others."    Scott (Jennifer Pozeg,Sarnia)
"So many new gains, rolling, walking with rings, wheel barrel, walking with rope parallel stairs"    Owen (Jane Houghton,St. Thomas)
"Cristian has more trunk strength which is helping him sit up better. Also,he is so encouraged to do more"    Cristian (M.DaSilva, St. Thomas)
The Conductors "Very friendly, but mostly they are very effective". They were awesome "lovely,amazing,bright,helpful"; "very professional. Made the kids work hard (parents too), but also made it fun".         
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